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Protoxide: Death Race - v1.1.2 IPA Download

Protoxide: Death Race - v1.1.2 IPA Download

Protoxide: Death Race - v1.1.2 IPA Download | Protoxide: Death Race - v1.1.2 IPA | Global warming, abnormal weather, increasing number of cataclysms all over the planet, cocktails of earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear power stations are reasons to think about incoming apocalypse blowing out? «Protoxide: Death Race» "2012 was the world's" offers you their version. Abandoned cities under the control of the gang, the main way to solve the problems of basic survival principle and races without rules of law, the absence of violence. «Protoxide: Death Race» If you everything about ultra-speed driving, battle machines from Hollywood fantastic blockbusters and wild industrial tracks to say that the super cars. Various methods «Protoxide: Death Race» If you try to make yourself a high-speed competition, or begin to focus on the trail of a war and destroy your enemies or investigate the details of the dying world, an opportunity to promote the mode is finished. And a multiplayer battles a violent massacre of all the fans around the world to connect automatically. And my previous post about B-Squadron : Battle for Earth - v1.88 IPA Download.

Game Features: 
  • Local Wi-Fi multiplayer 
  • 12 battle warglyders each one with unique characteristics 
  • Сampaign with an exciting story 
  • 16 outstanding tracks 
  • 4 unique types of ingame locations 
  • igh-quality 3D graphics 

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