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Film The Croods (2013)

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Film The Croods (2013)The Croods' Take Rocky CASA. Sure, his suburban residence of the Paleolithic be more like you and me. The toilets do not. This is not Windows. A Cro-Magnon Realtor to salivate nothing about it. But in this place, a beautiful small back pack (MAMMOTH hunting a hard day, after a perfect retreat), granite COUNTER-TOPS (and the walls and ceilings, and furniture) and a state-of-the art security system (one of the front doors as doubles as a large rock). It is mostly dry and mostly warm and mostly safe here. And the neighborhood was safe to be a big deal.
There's not made to move to a better neighborhood. The earliest before we HOAs, where prehistoric speaking you. Non beasties so that pert near everything, and The Croods' neighbors at the same time, what all squished or eaten or accidentally have your nice, safe, and ever more grateful when you really drag down property values, it is toxic - the trend has been built in a cave. And Grug, Crood the head of the house, he was rarely allowed to leave the rest of the family, more so rapidly - so honored in his cave.
Then, in a rare moment of The Croods, and when the ground begins to shimmy. Qualities which make up the bottom of his feet. Samsara is careening toward the cliff faces and rock, sending panicked The Croods of their mineral skin begin to slough off. Except for the whole world - as seems to be falling, and it is.
Makes a mad dash for the safety of the family in their cave ... How It's Gone, but was destroyed in the disaster. And all seems lost, the first home insurance policy that is written for thousands of years. Cottage with his craggy, Grug worries friendly without boundaries, they gobbled up by the rampaging Critters at any time."We needed a cave," Grug says.
But Eep, Grug's headstrong teenage daughter, believed to be a better way. The night before, he was a man Guy met. He said, this guy was different: he was standing directly in a monkey / sloth / she Critter Belt 'wore round his middle. Oh, and they, at least, too, or carried out with the sun. He was a fire. When talking with Eep, Guy seemed to know something about the world ending and he had a plan to deal with it. Maybe he was able to connect with them. Perhaps they are content to this whole "It's the end of the" contract to help all of them. Maybe he permanently without cowering in a cavern in the world to learn how to make their own way. There may be no place like home. If you're not around to enjoy it any more, but a good home, it is not worth. Akuzen-Laka Every Update on Film.

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  • RELEASE DATE:  22 March 2013 (USA)  
  • IMDB : 7.4/10
  • STARS: Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds
  • GENRE: Animation | Adventure | Comedy

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