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B-Squadron : Battle for Earth - v1.88 IPA Download

B-Squadron : Battle for Earth - v1.88 IPA Download

B-Squadron : Battle for Earth - v1.88 IPA Download B-Squadron : Battle for Earth - v1.88 IPA | April 1970. Outhitting a military satellite, the Moon is just a mysterious asteroid where to live. The effect will be accompanied by a adaptation. Apollo spacecraft to study this phenomenon and a mission sent to the moon to collect the valuable minerals contained in meteorites. Element to alter the future of humankind forevermore about the events to unfold. Is an arcade action game brimming B Squadron (vertical scrolling shoot'em up) to. Horror on the board of several ships, including the legendary Apollo shuttle that you can fight the enemy. 3 consecutive grand universe, the game's original settings and offer many enemies. Game Center with the community to share your good points and your achievements. We have the original Dead Space, Might and Magic Resistance Burning Skies, and be kind to those who musical themes of the game console, the creation of the famous composer Jason Graves. And my previous post about Download Opera 12.15 Portable.

  • 11 increasingly difficult levels;
  • 3 graphically different universes;
  • Numerous weapons and bonuses;
  • Numerous enemies and bosses;
  • 5 options for piloting the ship (game controllers, direct touch,relative touch, tilt, and virtual joystick);
  • 4 levels of difficulty including BULLET HELL;
  • Universal application (iPhone/iPod/iPad);
  • French and English versions;
  • Integration of the Game Center (online Rankings and Achievements);
  • Superb original musical score by Jason Graves

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