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Film I Declare War (2012) WEBRIP

Download Film I Declare War (2012) WEBRIP
Film I Declare War (2012) WEBRIP. Every day after school, thirteen-year-old friend of the two groups in the local woods 'war' to play. She sticks, old toys, they can make anything out of his gun. They are fun to play. One afternoon, the game gets out of hand a little bit.

Sullivan, the team's commander, leaving a brilliant tactician, intelligent, ruthless and leadership, loyalty, and committed to the ideals of conventional military victory. The world's not clear-cut, leaving Skinner, a loose cannon and an enemy soldier, but a good friend, Kwon, kidnaps and holds him prisoner when the complex. Skinner has its own commander 'removed' and the band's take, go off the deep end. He begins to beat the obsession with torturing to get information Kwon.

"Lord of the Flies" in overtones, I am not the only events of the war took place the night of the performance was broadcast around the world, reflecting the paradisaical is declared as a parable, but a chilling illustration of the ability of youth - the human - and all at the expense of the charge to get the win. I was acting, starring real kids, children's adventure film I Declare WarAkuzen-Laka Every Update on Film.

Information Film Film I Declare War (2012) 

  • RELEASE DATE: 15 April 2012 (USA)
  • IMDB : 6.6/10 
  • STARS: Siam Yu, Gage Munroe, Michael Friend
  • GENRE: Action | Comedy | Drama

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