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Killing Season (2013) 720p WEBRip

Download Film Killing Season (2013) 720p WEBRip
Film Killing Season (2013) 720p WEBRip. Although their star power has diminished a little collective past few years due to reckless election scenario could rightly assume that a movie starring Robert De Niro and John Travolta would be considered a pretty big deal . However, the new war drama "Killing Season", in which they appear together for the first time was just dribbled the keeper out in a handful of theaters, probably a contractual obligation connected to the upcoming home video release. Given that the two stars have, to put it charitably, has made more than their fair share of terrible movies in recent years might wonder how bad a film it should be swept under the carpet so completely. As it turns out, the movie is pretty awful, poorly written, ineptly staged, horribly acted, historically suspect and boring beyond belief, and fully deserved ignominious fate.

Benjamin Ford (De Niro) is a career soldier, who now spends his retirement in virtual isolation in his cabin in the woods and take pictures of nature, listen to Johnny Cash albums and tries to forget the horrors he experienced while that in the. One day, he suffers car trouble and is helped by Emil Kovac (Travolta), a Bosnian who is the neck of the woods on a hunting expedition."Killing Season" When a storm breaks out, Ford calls Kovac for dinner and drinks after bonding and Man in Black, Kovac reciprocates by inviting Ford to go hunting with him the next day.

The next day, they go out, but quickly discovered that Ford has really Kovac prey in mind there is a moose, but he. It seems that Kovac is actually a Serbian war criminal who was captured and executed by the Ford assumed the NATO troops liberated colleagues after a Bosnian internment camp that was helpful to run. After surviving bullet put Ford back, Kovac followed him down eventually and now wants to go after him in a fair fight, in order to get revenge and exorcise his demons about the conflict. Every Update on Film.

Information Film Killing Season (2013) 720p WEBRip 
  • RELEASE DATE:21 13.July.2013  
  • IMDB : 5.2 /10  
  • STARS: Robert De Niro, John Travolta, Milo Ventimiglia 
  • GENRE: Action | Thriller 
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