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Film The Wolverine SCAMRip

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Film The Wolverine SCAMRip. 'The Wolverine' goals in the kind of psychological territory that once would have seemed too heavy and cumbersome for a summer blockbuster, but now has become a necessary approach to deconstructing our childhood heroes like Batman, Spider-Man and Superman.
Yes, metal mount back muscles actually suffering an existential crisis, weighing the benefit of his immortality and get a taste of what it's like to hurt and bleed and weaken without instant healing. Faced with the possibility of trading his mutant powers, he must consider what is worth living now (love a beautiful woman fight a countless ninja), and what awaits him in the afterlife (love a beautiful woman fight well, none).

That's not to say that "The Wolverine" is painfully self-serious. Far from it: film director James Mangold has some incredibly suspenseful action sequences, exquisite production and costumes and colorful characters, some stronger than others register. She has such a strong aesthetic about it, it's almost as if the functions of "The Wolverine" as his own independent film, rather than as a piece of "X-Men" mythology. Every Update on Film.

Information Film The Wolverine SCAMRip
  • RELEASE DATE:  26 Juli 2013 (USA) 
  • IMDB : 7.3/10
  • STARS: Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima
  • GENRE: Action | Adventure | Fantasy

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