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Harvest Moon: Back To Nature Full Version

 Harvest Moon: Back To Nature Full Version Victor Interactive Software, which was developed by Harvest Moon: Back to NatureHarvest Moon series farm simulation in is a video game, and the game's interested, my friends, is the first non-Nintendo console Harvest Moon: Back To Nature, this game's characters changed to 64 in Nature Back to, but a new life, new people and new relatives: the games of the play, the download link below immediately press, FLS 100% Free Harvest All games are distributed over the moon.
The game's main character is a young man during the summer, went to his grandfather's farm. His grandfather was too busy taking care of the farm was to spend a lot of time with her, but she wants to be free to explore the city and the forest. He was a close friend of his grandfather's dog befriended the boy and a little girl with her to visit her age. During the summer when he was going home, but he was the day that the little girl can hope.
A year after the death of his grandfather, the boy has grown into a young man, and he was back in town to take in each farm.Mayor villagers to discuss a few things, and if they are the rightful owners have decided to stay as they had three years to restore the farm to its original condition as possible. The villagers can not mingle agricultural reinstall or if they are, they had to go.
Harvest Moon: Back To Nature In the game, players have grown agricultural produce, and friend to the citizens of Mineral Town. Visit the Agricultural Act of game characters and each other, and the player's death, the result of a lot of weeds growing in the garden, there is no one to take the balance of time, money, and energy.grandparents, has a major role to clean, and then they continue to build the value of their product as the basis to extend the work to start possible.
The player on the left a few years disrepair Grow crops, livestock, daily attention is required if the farm to the store and asked the first time, however, there is no need for the work to be performed at the beginning of a new game. Players, hammered shovel, ax, and sickle start watering can. Time and money required to upgrade the equipment, but also allows players to work more efficiently, work with a lot of energy to focus on the game to pay less energy.early stages, so that the main character repeatedly, the number of daily tasks can be pushed beyond fatigue players to pass out, and you should visit a local hospital. The maximum power of the game players world-wide as a hidden "power berry" by placing increased. Energy can be recovered by the rest, eat, or visit the local hot springs. Akuzen-Laka Every Update on Game.

Screenshot Wallpaper game

Information Game Harvest Moon: Back To Nature
  • Run a farm 
  • Plant and tend to vegetables
  • Raise a horse and dog
  • Earn extra money from livestock 
  • Get married
  • FIle Size: 110 Mb

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